Design School Is Expensive


I’m Jack and I aspire to be a graphic designer. I went to Newcastle University in England to study languages and I slightly wish I studied design instead!

-The reason why I’m doing this blog.

I’ve always been interested in design but it wasn’t until I edited a magazine in my final year of university that I knew I wanted to be involved in the design world. I enjoyed the process of creating the magazine; editing the photos, image and text placement and designing a recognising logo.

After finishing uni, I started online courses to learn Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and I read up about the fundamentals of design. I also looked for online resources to try and learn as much as I can for myself. Currently, I am hugely in debt and can’t afford to pay for design school even though I would love to so I’m trying to learn online.

As I was researching about graphic design, I found lots of other people were in the same predicament struggling to enter the world of graphic design because of tuition fees or lack of confidence. As a result, I thought I would try and contribute to the world by writing this blog.

I want to share what I find about graphic design whether that includes the most useful books I have found, Youtube channels that are particularly helpful, and the harsh realities I face freelancing as a newbie.

I hope that if I can create a blog about my experiences learning graphic design online, hopefully it can galvanise others to do the same!

Feel free to message me to rant, advise or whatever you fancy. Any engagement would be much appreciated!

The Magazine that I edited to encourage me to focus on

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