THE best video series to understand the nuts and bolts of graphic design in action.

The best video series to understand brand strategy as a graphic designer.

Being a graphic designer involves much more than simply a creative flair. You need to know how to be a salesman, understand how businesses operate and their brand strategy, among plenty of other skills. The problem is knowing where you should start focussing your attention as someone entering the graphic design world? How do you get an insight of how to do this of how to deal with clients before actually dealing with clients yourself?

One resource that has hugely helped me learn important tricks of the trade is a video series called ‘Building a Brand,’ on YouTube made by my favourite channel, ‘The Futur.’ A Brand Strategy Design Consultancy company called ‘Blind,’ pull back the curtain on the ins and outs of brand strategy. Ben Burns and Matthew Encina, two highly talented designers at ‘Blind’, present the video series sprinkling knowledge throughout.

A stylescape for the Hamilton Family Brewery. Stylescapes are curated collection of images, colours textures and typography.

The series focusses on ‘Hamilton Family Brewery,’ in Rancho Cucamonga, California, which was founded in 2014 and has been incredibly popular. Josh and Crysten Hamilton want a re-brand because they want to go the next step and sell their beer in the retail market, and they feel their brand isn’t recognisable enough. The team at Blind then show how they form a totally new identity system for the brewery while recognising the key elements that Josh and Crysten want to maintain.

From the initial meeting to the brand launch, the viewer has a unique insight in to taking on a rebranding project from start to finish while, along the way, learning what makes a good logo, what is a discovery session, why you should create user profiles and much more.

Matthew Encina (left) and Ben Burns (right) presenting the series

I find you actually become quite emotional watching it because as the video series is an intense look in to the Hamilton family brewery, you become attached to the family themselves and it is great to see the rebrand take huge steps forward every episode.

If you are a newbie, or a veteran, in graphic design, there is plenty to learn from this video series and I highly recommend watching it! It’s free too. What more can you ask?

Episode 1 of ‘Building a Brand.’

‘The Futur,’ YouTube channel

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