1:1.618 is Golden

You’ve probably heard about the Golden Ratio before. It is the ratio most pleasing to the eye which Greek sculptors applied to their buildings. It is prevalent in nature and architecture and it can be used to make your work more aesthetically pleasing! Next time you pick up a shell on the beach, you may even recognise the golden ratio image.

The Golden Ratio – each square is divided by 1.618

As someone that is about as mathematically minded as a potato, I was scared of using the golden ratio for logo design. Just seeing the number 1.618 gives me flashbacks to when I was sitting in set 7 maths a few years ago. But it’s actually nothing to fear. Here is a step by step process of logo design.

  1. Firstly, I made the golden ratio. I highly recommend watching tutvid’s tutorial (An incredibly helpful Youtube channel) on the golden ratio in order to help you make it (link just below) or download a vector template from online (simply type in ‘golden ratio vector graphic,’ and you will have plenty of options). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bkVu2xtypw

2) After you have the graphic, draw circles in the same proportion in the golden ration. Then you can drag them out over the image or sketch you are choosing to sketch.

Circles drawn over the Golden Ratio. Simples.

3) I wanted to do a bird logo design and so I found a seagull picture online. I found that using the largest circles first and then going down the sizes depending on the gradient of the seagull’s curves was a useful system to determine which circle was the best fit. Then use the shape builder tool to join or minus parts of the seagull to make shapes (to minus, hold alt).

Seagull with appropriately sized circles
Screenshot while in the process of using the shape builder tool

When you have something like this, you can colour the design. The final design looked like this.

Then, I colour graded it to make it look slightly more interesting.

It’s not exactly the sexiest logo I’ve ever made. But I hope it illustrates what you can do using the golden ratio! Why not try and make your own?

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