10 illustrators you need to follow on Instagram!

There are some illustrators or agencies that just make you want to create!

When you’re inspired by others, you’re motivated to create your own work. For me, these are the people and agencies I turn to for inspiration! They are regularly putting out incredible work and the more I look at their Instagram accounts, the more I find things that I want to emulate. Some are very famous illustrators and some are not at all but either way, I hope they inspire you as much as they inspire me. In no particular order, here we go!

  1. Kelly Anna – https://www.instagram.com/kellyannalondon/

‘Kelly Anna is a freelance Artist and Print designer who is fast making waves in the art world with her bold & confident figurative works.  Her work stands out thanks to its empowering messages — implicit in style, and explicit in the recognisably witty scrawlings.’ (copied from website)

He’s the art director for Lincoln Design Co. by night and owner of Dontreallycare.com which sells fonts, t-shirts and condoms. The man doesn’t really care.

Vector designs that are insane.

Robin and Rudi Gundersen are a pair of Norweigen brothers that produce the most beautiful illustrations that are full of colour. Have a gander on their instagram.

Charlie Davis is a keen observer of his surroundings and his work is more subtle than many of the illustrators I’ve put in this top 10 list. I have never seen an artist play with light in illustration as well as Charlie Davis.

Bold colours, sensual designs, clean style – look no further than Malika Favre.

With almost 100, 000 followers on instagram, Jon Contino is a bit of a celebrity in the graphic design world. Born and raised in New York, which highly influences the style of his work, he does hand drawn designs and finishes them up in illustrator.

Tom Haugomat is a freelance illustrator based in Paris. He is known for his vibrant colours, natural scenes and work that is soothing on the eyes.

Curated Traditional & Vintage Inspired Artwork. Incredible emblem artwork.

10. Jack Royle – https://www.instagram.com/jackrdesign/

Jack Royle will illustrate one object and often show the process of how he does so using short clips on his Instagram. Useful if you’re trying to learn Illustrator but also, shows you can take simple objects and beautifully illustrate anything, like a plant pot!

I hope you like some of these and feel inspired to now make your own designs!

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