3 Ways to Differentiate Colour!

If I asked you to describe what the word ‘colour,’ means, you would probably struggle. However, the terminology is vital to understand as one of the fundamentals of design is colour, and if you can’t use the right vocabulary, it can look unprofessional. It blew my mind when I read about colour so I thought I would share it on this blog post.

Colour is differentiated in 3 main ways – Hue, Tone and Saturation, and I will explain what these mean below!

1) Hue

Hue is the colours generic name. This includes the words Red, Blue, Green etc. A good way to remember it is a rainbow that shows a melting of one hue in to another, from red to violet, and all the colours of the rainbow in between. A single hue, such as Red, will have many variations ranging from light (tint) to dark (shade).

The first way to differentiate colour! A variety of different hues.

2) Saturation

Saturation simply means brightness to greyness. Another way of describing it is full intensity to low intensity.

Low intensity red (dull red) to high intensity brightness (vibrant red).

3) Tone (or value)

Tone is the relative lightness or darkness of a colour. A colour with added white is called a tint.

Red with added white (tint).

A colour with added black is called a shade.

Red with added black (shade).

Cool tones include blues and greens while warm tones include reds, orange and yellows.

Cold Tones vs Warm Tones.

Hope that helps! Like and share if you found this useful too por favor.

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