5 top pieces of advice from 5 top creatives.

1) Steve Raboin – CEO of Raboin Design Co.

‘Find pockets of time.’

Steve Roboin advises on always finding pockets of time to work on graphic design if your time pressed. He even uses his phone while he’s having ‘a deuce,’ to comment on other graphic designers’ work and make contact to get leads! Watch a full interview below.

2) David Airey – CEO of David Airey agency and author

‘Start a blog’

In ‘Logo Design Love,’ David Airey explains exactly why you should start a blog TODAY! I think people see blogs as a self-indulgent past time where people simply talk about themselves but offering valuable content about graphic design gives you authority in the subject and leads to clients. Buy the book to find out more! Also, check out his website


3) Jonathan Stark – Brand strategist and author of 5 books

‘Stop trading time for money.’

Jonathan understands that an hourly rate is fundamentally floored. A great worker with a lot of experience gets a job done in half the time it takes an intern to do the same job. So does paying hourly make sense? Skip to 19mins 30 seconds to see how this relates specifically to graphic designers.

4) Aaron Draplin

‘Don’t be afraid to show things that you did just for fun.’

Aaron Draplin excellently explains that the work that you do at design school isn’t necessarily your best or most interesting work!

5) Chris Do – CEO of Blind Creative Studios

‘Show Empathy through understanding.’

Humans deal with humans. It is vital to remember that when it comes to dealing with clients. If they are worried for whatever reason, understand exactly what that is before going further. He also mentions that if the client thinks you are charging too much, rather than lowering the price of the work to suit the client, you can simply offer to receive payment in stages.

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