3 tips using the Star Tool in Adobe Illustrator

The star tool is pretty self explanatory but what you might not know is to use it to full effect! Here are some useful tips to adjust your stars to make night scenes as dramatic and realist as they can be!

A regular star that is made when you use the star tool in Illustrator is very generic:

When you use the star tool in Adobe Illustrator, it looks like this. A bit “meh”.
  1. Up or down arrows! However, click up or down on the keyboard while dragging the star out to have more or fewer sides:

2) I think a more interesting and realistic star design is a four sided star like the one below. Hold cmd and drag for this one:

A more realistic star using the Adobe Illustrator Star Tool

Alternatively, if you want a star which has a more rounded profile with less indents in to the star, you can do something like this by holding Alt while dragging out your star. You will need to play around with how many sides it has but it may be useful to make other objects than stars too!

The star tool on illustrator is more useful than you thought maybe?

Now you know how to use the star tool! Hope that helps.

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