5 Negative Space Logos that will blow your mind!

Negative space is the open space in and around the object that defines it. With logo design, this can be used to great effect. Well balanced negative space logos express more than one message to the viewer without overcrowding the design. Appreciate the beautifully simple, well balanced designs that often playfully convey more than one message.

Each example has a link to the artist that made each one!

In no particular order, here are our top 10 negative space logos!

  1. Bear
Negative Space is insanely clean and beautiful logo by Yoga Perdana

2) Home

3)Clear use of negative space by Ramotion

3) Jump

Negative space dramatically illustrates the jumping motion!

4) Dove

Monika Pern with a beautiful negative space example

5) Up

Subtle negative space design here from Smara Design

Here is more info about negative space. Read up! https://www.sitepoint.com/a-solid-understanding-of-negative-space/

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