7 steps to design a logo like a pro!

A friend of mine asked me to make a logo recently when I said I wanted to be a graphic designer. I had only designed a poster for my brother at this point, and looked at illustrator tutorials on how to use the tools, but I had never actually designed a logo for anyone…

I had a few ideas and I jumped straight on Illustrator to try and bash them out. Very quickly though, I realised I hadn’t thought through the ideas at all. The ideas had no rational thought and the designs looked so amateur. So I went online to find out more. Among a variety of sources, I found Ran Segall explaining his creative process the most useful.

If you don’t have time to watch the video, here is a summary of 7 key points.

1) Key words

write down key words that are relevant to whatever the company is. This will guide your visual research online.

2) Research

Look up references that relate to your key words. It doesn’t necessarily need to relate to the field of whatever company your designing a logo for. Think outside the box and make a folder on your computer. Research references may be found anywhere online but try broad search terms to begin with!

3) Sketch

After making some core references, use a pencil and paper and just jot down any ideas. Rough is fine to start with. Symbols, word marks, colours – anything. Write down words that you may pitch to a client when presenting the logo

4) Refine

When you have a few great ideas, explore those in greater detail and refine them. Draw more detailed logo sketches on paper or on the computer at this point.

5) Illustrator

Check all sorts of iterations of the idea. Lines, Different fonts, Colours, Positive, Negative. Jig it about. Sharp corners, straight lines etc.

6) Think about how to present idea to client

You don’t need the concept of presenting at the start – you will find connections as this creative process continues. When you have a solid logo, the ideas of how to present are crucial.

7) Presentation

Present to the client and receive feedback. More refining follows.

Need more advice? I would recommend looking at Aaron Draplin’s video on his creative process here:

Here is the logo I finally made for my friend! He is a freelance journalist that looks a little bit like Pablo Escobar so I decided to try and make a logo that reflects that…

How did I do?

Good luck with your own logo making.

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