5 top tips to build an online audience as a graphic designer!

Yesterday, I listened to the Futur podcast called ‘Content Marketing with Ryan Robinson.’

Listen to the podcast here:

If you don’t have time, here is a quick overview and then 5 key points that Ryan Makes!

Chris Do interviewing Ryan Robinson, a content marketing consultant. Ryan gave incredibly valuable advice about how to build an audience quickly and effectively which is ultimately how graphic designers can gain regular clients – as Chris Do says, ‘Clients hire who they like, know and trust.’ I will boil the podcast down to bare essentials here but I’ll also attach a link to the podcast below – give it a listen after reading this article!

  1. Best content marketing is given away for free. 

Ryan argues that with the deluge of free blog posts daily, the value of your content is increasingly more important. People expect more for less and the depth of your content vital to have authority in your field. if you make your great content that is free CONSISTENTLY, it is a great way to start getting subscribers to your blog, for example.

2. Make your content unique

If you have opinions or own experience about a graphic design topic, voice them! This will mean that your content is your own thoughts which is unique in the sea of people posting bang average generic content – do a critique on rebrands, a video talking about biggest mistakes in graphic design career or a graphic design Spotify playlist! Ask yourself what makes your content different. This will help you stand out.

3. Social prospecting – reach out to people you want to get noticed by. 

It is more satisfying creating content if people engage with it so it is important to promote this content. One useful way to do this is to contact creative directors by email and without asking them to do anything, you want to pique their interest. Make the people you send your article to particularly relevant to them and their fan base. Then, they are more likely to choose to repost or engage with it! 

You might write something like this:

Headline – 

Your feature on my blog

Main email body – 

Dear ….

I just wanted to make sure this blog post was the right way to promote your company. Before I started promoting it, I just wanted to sent this over to you to have a look at it.

(Insert link to blog post/article)

Yours sincerely,

Note! Don’t ask for promotion. You are building a relationship with the person. You may not even get a reply but you are getting on their radar and are offering a valuable email to them courteously.  

How do you find their email? Ryan has dedicated a detailed blog post to this – just click on the link below.

It is point number 3 on this blog post! https://www.ryrob.com/cold-email/

4. Guest posting 

Write for other publications/blogs which have the same audience. You can go to people that have established blogs and do it for free because it is worth your time in the long run. Your audience can then grow exponentially as your attracting people over to your blog from where you are guest blogging. How? This SEO strategy involves asking to get a back link to your blog/website in guest post article. Not every publication will allow it though so check first! 

5. Relationship building is a long game

Do not expect to get instant gratification from this process. Just like building relationships in real life, your online community needs to build trust and faith in you through your content. Consistent content creation that is unique and valuable is key. Effective promotion and perseverance must follow. However, this will lead to design jobs and may even allow you to monetise the blog. You will be guest speaking at Adobe events in no time.

Good luck.

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