THE best resource for creating mock ups – Graphic Burger

The quickest and easiest way I have found to create realistic mock ups is by using the incredible resources on Click on the link below to explore for yourself.

The mockups offered to download for free are incredibly varied and simple to manipulate. They each come with a smart object which enables you to edit the shadows, highlights, colours etc using photoshop and illustrator easily. Here are a couple of the available mock ups to download, but there are plenty of other objects such as hoodies, business cards and posters.

In addition, Graphic Burger gives out a ton of other free resources from templates, textures, icons and more. This will save you time if you are creating work for a client, or a portfolio, too.

As you know, the more realistic your design looks when you present it to a client, the more they can imagine it coming to life and this may be the difference between your designs being rejected or accepted.

How do you use it then?

Below is the best tutorial I found on how to use it by the graphic designer Cody Brown.

The best resource for creating mockups

Here is the coffee packaging I made below!

It took me a couple of hours to make this but after some trial and error, it looks very realistic. Would you buy this coffee?

Good luck with your mock ups!

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