5 reasons why you should watch Zimri Mayfield’s Youtube Channel!

Zimri Mayfield is a graphic designer that uses YouTube to share content. He is one of the earliest graphic designers I came across on Youtube and I would recommend watching his content – here’s 5 reasons why you should!

1) Infectious Energy!

Zimri is the most eccentric graphic designer I have come across on Youtube and brings energy and fun to design. From the intro song at the beginning of the video to his “elbow claps” applause, you can really tell Zimri loves what he does, which is infectious. When I’m feeling low, I watch anything on this guy’s channel to remind me that designing should be fun.

2) Educational Content

Zimri’s educational videos are basic but still very useful if you are starting out in design. Videos which clearly explain design principles and show you how to do textured layering, icon design among many more have been invaluable to me when I was starting to learn Adobe Illustrator.

This is one of my favourite educational piece of content – although Zimri still brings his fun personality, he explains in detail why he is making the design decisions is his making and the thought process of the logo designs.

3) Competitions Offered

Recently, Zimri started a new design competition called ‘Design Chicken Chicken,’ (or ‘DDC’). Every week, there is a different brief which is completely different. People then vote on which designer they thought won after Zimri presents each contestants’ work. Get involved in the competition if you think you’re good enough to compete! This is valuable not only to learn from other designers but also because you can do the briefs yourself.

This is one of my favourite episodes here all about renewable energy:

4) Inspirational Content

Zimri is very open about showing his earlier work when he was starting out as a designer. Some designers are reluctant to show anything other than their best work but Zimri explains how he wasn’t good at the beginning and his journey in to design. He is keen to inspire by showing what he struggles with and is willing to learn totally new skills to inspire others to design! In this video posted below, he learns animation just to show us that you can learn to do it and make something cool despite not being an expert!

5) Ideas for Briefs to build your Portfolio

In the ‘DDC’ competition, Zimri offers the briefs for free to do yourself. Simply click on this link to have a look and maybe do them yourself? Then, I recommend watching the episode to see how other designers have done it and compare notes?!

Follow this link to see the competition briefs yourself.


Hope that helps!

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