3 Lessons learnt from ‘Building a Brand’ Episode 1!

‘Building a Brand,’ is without a doubt my favourite Youtube series. It is the most in depth look at how an agency works with clients to achieve their business goals, that I have seen online. I would whole heartedly recommend watching this series (posted below) if you haven’t already but if you don’t have time, here are the key take aways from Episode 1 of the series.

Unearthing the budget. – At the first client meeting, instead of asking what the client’s budget is straight off the bat, it is important to ask some preliminary questions to give the client the opportunity to express their needs which will reveal the value of the work the needs to be done. If you talk about money before understanding their problem, they are unlikely to hire you because you haven’t taken the time to understand their business problem.

What is a brand? ‘According to Marty Newmyer, a brand is a person’s gut feeling about an organisation, person or company. This is influenced by their visual aesthetic, the sound of their messaging and their overall position in the market. So a rebrand is simply an adjustment of the customer touch-points that affect the impact of the overally experience. Sometimes, it’s an incremental update and sometimes it’s a complete make over.’

What is a logo? A logo is more or less the face of the company. What makes for a good logo? According to Sagi Havii, a logo must be 3 things! It must be appropriate for the context, it must be memorable, it must work at any scale (Ie. A bottle cap or on the side of a building).

I hope this information is as useful to you as it has been to me!

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