2 crucial tips to choose a killer brand name!

1) Ask yourself why the brand exists

Why does your brand exist? Is it a personal brand which aims to inspire and motivate other graphic designers (like this one…)? Is it a company brand which aims to sell a particular product?

You need to make sure the name is consistent with the core purpose of your brand. There is no point in setting up a website with a cool sounding name if it isn’t consistent with your brand strategy.

I decided to simply call the website my name partly because I wanted people to contact me personally about work. I also felt my personal journey would help inspire others therefore it made sense to call it after myself. Everyone has a different reason for setting up a brand though so think carefully about it’s purpose and this will lead you to an answer about the naming of it.

2) Before registering a domain name for your blog/website/Youtube channel, you need to check which names are available. If you don’t do this, you may find a perfect name for a website, which you start initially, but then come to set up an Instagram account for it and realise it has already been taken.

I recommend using namecheck.com to find whether you can set up social media accounts in the same name to have consistent branding. This also means that you can register the accounts all at the same time.


Hope that helps!

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