Lessons learnt from Episode 2 of Building a Brand

This episode, Ben Burns and Matthew Encina explain the importance of a discovery session. The video is embedded below, but if you only want the key points and summery of the episode, keep scrolling!

  1. What is a discovery Session? A discovery session is a facilitated meeting with the clients or stake holders. This can range between a meeting of a few hours to a meeting of a few days – in depends on how big the scope of the project is. In this meeting, you define their goals and identify the challenges that are getting in the way, you look at the users and customers and understand their pain points and challenges and then spend time talking about brand attributes. HOW? Ask questions, challenge assumptions, and surface the most meaningful insights to package that up and put it in a strategy moving forward. Lift the fog!

What are the current challenges?

How do you define our engagement as a win? What does success look like?

Business goals

Understanding brand

2) Profiling Users

User profiles is vital. Identify customer base – one of the most important aspects of the discovery session. Which type of customer is driving sales? If you don’t know who your customer is, you won’t know where to find them.

Ideal customer?

Current customer?

An example of a user profile

Example of a user profile


Age – 35

Stay at home mum

2 kids

Has a side hustle

Household income? 75,000

User personas are important – used as a filter and a reference throughout the entire process. Put yourself in shoes. Often, designers design for themselves but making the personas mean you are reminded to design for the specific customer!

Vital questions – What brands capture a similar voice to the one you want to go for?

Look and feel – how would you describe the new brand?

Sometimes, you have to have something visually to react to. As Josh and Matthew do in this episode, show some styles capes to prompt some ideas from your clients.

Hope this helps!

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