The vital lesson I learnt from Hadeel Sayed Ahmad – Go above and beyond for your client.

A lot of designers get asked to make a logo, do an illustration or an animation, they agree a price with the client and they do a great job for the client. The client is pleased with the work and both the client and the designer continue with their lives. Sounds great right? However, the client doesn’t ever contact the designer again for more work despite having a growing business, building a website and selling merchandise. So, how can the designer improve his/her chances of being re-employed? Simply by going above and beyond.]

I watch a Youtube channel called ‘Logo Therapy,’ created by the Futur, and I was inspired by Hadeel Sayed Ahmad’s work rate. She goes above and beyond for her client and that is why she has so many repeat clients.

She was asked to do a logo re-design. Not only did she smash the logo re-design out the park with a clean, clearly recognisable and clever logo but she made mock up after mock up and practically designed a store.

Logo variations
Beautiful Coffee Packaging
Display mock up
More mechandise. Notice the different abstract pattern she made at the bottom of the container!

She went above and beyond. Currently, she charges £10,000 for a logo. It sounds like a lot but look at the quality of the work she is producing and the depth to which she executes her designs. Her clients keep employing her because she is reliable and thorough. Could you do more to retain your clients like Hadeel?

Watch Hadeel in action here:

Check out more of her work here:

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