The 3 most inspiring graphic design Youtube Channels

  1. Charlie Lewis

Charlie Lewis is a London self-taught graphic designer. His Youtube channel documents his journey in the role of design and is refreshingly honest about the pros and cons of the industry, the books he reads, his inspirations and much more.

This is the first video I came across when searching how to be a graphic designer myself!

Charlie Lewis explores how to make a graphic design portfolio with no previous experience

Here is his website if you would like to check him out further!

2. Logo Therapy

Logo Therapy is a channel made by the Futur where Chris Do, the Futur’s presenter, interviews other graphic designers from across the world. The reason why this channel is so inspiring is because you see how broad the graphic design industry is from not only the content of graphic designers across the world, but the different techniques designers are using.

This is my favourite episode from the series posted below!

Hadeel Sayed Ahmed is possibly the most inspirational designer I’ve seen on this series

3. Flux

Ran Segall is from Israel and is a full stack designer from Tel Aviv. Along with Chris Do, I would strongly argue he is one of the best and most respected Youtube graphic designers who talks opens up about pricing, design software and techniques. Here is one of my favourite videos of his below!

Ran Segall debating whether you need to choose between doing what you love vs making money

Hope this content helps!

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