12 stages of presenting rebrands logos to clients

I’ve already mentioned Hadeel Sayed Ahmad in a previous blog post but I feel she deserves multiple blog posts. She is devastatingly effective at producing beautiful logos which are exactly what her clients are looking for, but she also presents them to her clients in such a way that shows her attention to detail and diligence that sets her apart from other designers.

Below is a video of Hadeel in action on ‘Logo Therapy,’ produced by the Futur channel on Youtube (skip to minute 22).

Here is how to smash a rebrand out the park, and how to ensure your client is satisfied. Get a solid brief, and then follow this process.

‘I have a process. I follow it every project and it pays off’

  1. Old Logo

2) Mood Board – Incorporate idea

3) Mind map – Hadeel explains she gets a solid brief and does a mindmap. Name, what is needed, what do they do, do key words and then other key words that describe each point. Then combine key words from the list on the top from Sultan, and the list on the bottom from Coffee, to come up with a logo eg. King and Crown

4) Brand personality – add touch points from brief/talking to client. Directs direction of logo and identity.

5) Logo Explorations – Sultans face and make features more stern. Try out different light alternatives and shapes etc. This shows how you reach the final logo for your client.

6) Final logo with justification

Hadeel very pleased with Chris Do’s reaction of ‘Look at that thing!?’

7) Golden Ratio and spacing of logo – make proportions more appealing

8) Logo Variations

9) Fonts + Colours

9) Patterns used on packaging

10) Eye concept

11) Mockups – notice how these mock ups tie all the various elements in together – the colours, fonts, patterns. She has explained her reasoning behind all of them in a clear and rational way for her client before unleashing these incredible mockups.

12) Finally, compare the original and the final

I have never seen a more complete system – brand identity and application system, as well as mockups for days. She charges £10,000 for a logo. But you can certainly see why! To Hadeel, I salute you.

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