4 pieces of advice from Austin Kleon

I cannot recommend Austin Kleon’s books enough – they have taught me so much. This advice is from his book ‘Keep Going,’ (link below). I would 100% recommend it!

  1. Use pockets of time

Everything is about priorities. If people say they’ve been so busy and they haven’t had a chance to call you, that just means you are not high enough on their prioties for them to bother calling you. Similarly, if you say you haven’t had time to draw because you’ve been too busy, that is also a lie – you just haven’t prioritised it enough.

Sitting in a field while doing a festival car-parking job. The great thing about the job was that after the cars come in during the morning, the afternoons gave me time to draw, read and write!

2. Carve out time in your day

Carve out time in your day to make time for the things you want to do. Get up earlier, maybe use your lunch break, or instead of watching TV, use that time more productively. You can always find a spare 20 minutes but you just need to be aware and motivated enough to use it. Carry a sketch book around wherever you go.

I’m moving to Portugal on the 20th August and so I drew a lot of designs day dreaming about Porto!

3. Carry a sketch book around with you.

You never know when an idea might inspire you so try and always carry a notebook/sketchbook around. There is plenty of opportunity to draw/take notes during your daily routine – whether at a bus stop or break. Make the most of these pockets of time by having a sketch book at the ready and putting down your ideas! Do this every day and there will be plenty to choose from down the line!

4) Show you’re work even when you’re not ready.

You can only improve if you’re constantly producing work, and the sooner you share it with the world, the sooner you will be paid to produce work. Start sharing your work or you will never get noticed!

Good luck!

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