Is drawing just natural talent or a skill to be learnt?

I am not the most talented of artists. In fact, I am awful. But can I improve?

Recently, I listened to Ran Segall, one of my favourite Youtube designers, talking about how he got interested in design when he started learning to draw properly:

Ran Segall explains that drawing, like any other skill, can be learnt.

Ran Segall explains that drawing, like any other skill, can be learnt. He bought a book on drawing that taught him a lot of his drawing technique now, and this blew my mind.

What I liked about graphic design is that the software allowed me to make my ideas and thoughts become visually represented in a way they never had before. I could use software to draw perfect shapes quickly and easily all from my laptop.

However, I still want to improve my drawings because drawing technical illustrations with a pencil is so much easier than drawing straight away with the software. You can do it, I’ve found – it just takes a lot longer. I don’t have a tablet either so everything I’ve drawn so far has been done using the clicker on my laptop which is quite laborious.

Could I do the same? I looked up on online to see if there were any tutorials to draw and clicked on one that showed how to draw faces.

Rapid Fire art showing drawing is a skill that can be learnt!

I would recommend going through the Rapid Fire Art Youtube channel:

The video shows that drawing realistic art is actually very logical and that you need to build a picture just like you do when using softare. This was my shoddy first attempt at drawing the man in a sketch book:

However, after such a bad attempt out the way, the drawing I did of the woman was much improved:

I am not going to be the next Picasso, and I am not saying this is any good. However, it is a vast improvement on my freehand attempts without any logic to my technique. If I can improve this much in 20 minutes, imagine what 20 minutes practice every day would do for me..?!

Could you do with improving your drawing skills? Make your designs really flourish by focussing on drawing and then apply that to your designs and see if they do improve. If nothing else, you will be doing yourself a favour by learning a new skill!

Good luck!

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