3 Simple Tricks to Persuade Clients to Hire You.

1) Good = Expensive

There is a commonly believed but erroneous perception that paying more for a product/service means it is better. By being one of the cheapest in your field of work, whether that is illustration, animation or logo design, you may also be seen as the riskiest option. If a company is doing work done, they want it to be the best and they are willing to pay for it. It sounds counter intuitive but rather than enticing clients by charging less for your work, you may actually be employed more often by charging more. Try it and see!

2) Contrast Principle

If you walk in to a clothing store, you may be shown the more expensive product before the cheaper products. This is because as a customer, you will see the cheaper product by comparison as excessively cheaper because you have compared it to the expensive product first. You are more likely to spend more money in the shop as a result. If you normally charge £500 for a logo, try charging £750 and then if your client says that is too much, you can lower it and still receive as much as you would have got anyway even if you drop £250. Everyone likes to think they are getting a bargain, so give them one!

3) Social Proof

This is obvious but worth saying. When you do work for clients, make sure you get a testimonial from them and then put their name on your website. Since 95% of people are imitators and 5% are initiators, people are persuaded more by the action of others than by any proof we can offer. This social proof is highly effective to persuade others to hire you!

Want more?

All of these spicy tricks were taught to me by the esteemed Dr Robert B. Cialdini who wrote the highly interesting ‘The Psychology Influence of Persuasion.’ To make a living as a designer, you need to understand how clients think. I highly recommend this book to begin with!

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