5 pieces advice a professional graphic designer gives his younger self! – Dorian Avila.

Dorian Avila is a graphic designer and video editor from Bakersfield, California. He produces stunning logos of highly varied styles. While many graphic designers focus on a niche, Dorian’s experience mean that he is talented in various creative areas (he is an incredible at drawing which many graphic designers aren’t, such as myself) and so he can create intricate badge designs to more formal typographic logos. For inspiration, head to Dorian’s Instagram page!


Recently, Dorian posted 5 pieces of advice which he wishes he gave his younger self. These really resonated with me because I am starting out in the graphic design industry and this advice was much appreciated. I thought it may be useful for you all too. I took screen shots of his Instagram but check out the page for yourself!

I hope this helps you as much as it helps me. Make something every day is the most helpful advice on here. Carve out time in your day to make time to practice! Here’s what I will finish today… What will you make?

Lion Logo I’m working on.

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