3 reasons why Innocent Smoothies ‘Blue Drink,’ marketing is ingenious.

Innocent smoothie’s marketing manager deserves a raise. Why? The recent ‘Bolt from the Blue,’ smoothie is ridiculously clever. Here are 3 reasons why…

It’s funny.

Whoever is the social media manager at Innocent smoothie clearly understands that instead of forcing a product on consumers by conventional tactics, it just needs to connect with them emotionally. By making people laugh, it makes people aware of the product. In the drinks market, which is highly competitive, this is vital!

It’s blue…

2. It’s controversial.

Do you remember the the dress that went viral in 2015 as people tried to discern the true colours of the dress – were they gold and white, or black and blue? The ‘Bolt from the Blue,’ drink is similarly controversial. By employing Blue lead singer in the marketing campaign, it attracts ever more attention to the debate.

3. Funny across social medias.

On Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, Innocent smoothie have smart comebacks and playful debates with strangers. Dulux paint even came on to the argument by comparing the colour with green colours they sell.

Why is this at all relevant to graphic design?

Well the clients that hire you are human. Emotional connection has been highly effective for Innocent smoothie and it will be for you to.

So, you need to also show some of your personality in your social media as well to connect with them emotionally. Be playful, expressive and don’t just post your paid work. Post your passion projects too.

If you have passions and hobbies, express them to be more likely to connect with similar clients!

Food for thought…

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