3 ways Steve Raboin grew his Instagram following to 10K in 1 year!

Steve Raboin first came to my attention when he was on The Futur’s Youtube channel. He was refreshingly honest and had wise advice for graphic designers who were starting out. Have a look at the post I did about the video here.

I followed him on Instagram and he consistently puts up useful content. Below are screenshots from his Instagram feed that I strongly feel any self-taught graphic designers should take note of!


This is certainly something I’m guilty of. Whenever I make anything, I put it online without enough care and thought. If someone lands on your Instagram feed and it’s got a random selection of everything, it looks a mess and if it’s not visually appealing, who’s going to hire you?


As much as the word ‘networking,’ probably makes you want to be sick, commenting on other people’s work is vital to get engagement and become noticed by people like you. This is a great way of building a following.


It’s vital to know a little bit about social media to get noticed. You need to hashtag and tag appropriately. This will help you get traction and mean people will be more likely to hire you!

Hope that helps. Follow the big man by clicking on Steve’s name here! Steve Raboin

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