George Bokhua’s 7 tips when making a grid logo!

George Bokhua is a master of making aesthetically pleasing logos by using gridding. Check out his Instagram below to see what I mean. Here are some of my favourites

This technique he uses is gridding where he uses grids to structure content. You should grid because the logo is more consistent and visually appealing as a result. Here are some top tips by the master.

  1. Always do a moodboard before starting doing anything on paper. Grab images off the internet that may be relevant in style to what you want to design.
  2. Sketch! A logo designer simplifies complex forms. If you’re designing a logo of a fox, for example, make it as simple as possible without losing it’s identity. Boil down your sketches in to the simplest of geometric shapes
  3. Do between loads of sketches. George Beokah recommends doing a minimum of 30 sketches. Let your creativity flow and draw whatever comes in to your head.
  4. When sketching, always be on the look out to use negative space within the logo, or any other possible interesting nuance the logo sketching may bring up. Explore these different options.
  5. George Beokah recommends spending between 8-10 hours on each logo. This means refining the work and ensuring the design is perfect geometrically.
  6. Use curved lines if you want to have a more welcoming logo, and angular lines to have a more authoritative logo. This will dictate which type of grid you use.

7. If your logo is more rounded in shape, use the golden ratio. Any time there is an opportunity to use the spiral shape, use it. If your logo is more angular, a horizontal and vertical grid is the grid to use.

Want to learn more?

Can’t recommend his skill share course enough. It is extremely helpful. Here’s the link to that below:

Hope that helps!

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