3 simple tips to make beer packaging from Kenny Coil

Recently, I wanted to do some beer packaging design but there is a lot to learn. I looked up how to make some packaging and luckily, Adobe have made a 3 part series with Kenny Coil who just makes the most impressive designs. Scroll down to see the full episode if you fancy.

  1. Plan your packaging layout.

Kenny starts by setting up his illustrator page set up with the front of the can, back, top ridge and the nutrition label on the side (14 mins 30 seconds in to the video). It is vital that if you’re making a design, you have the right file size before you start or it won’t fit your can mock-up well!

2) Start in black and white

As you do your design, you will think of colours as you work. Also, the name of the design, and feel of the product that you want to create, will influence what colours you use. It is easier to colour the design when it is finished.

3) Grid!

Cmd + , – short cut to use the grid. Clean, organised design. You want to reach a symmetrical design so save time by using grids from the beginning

Here is the full episode

Kenny Coils Instagram is insane! Have a look at his work below!

Hope that helps!

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