17 pieces of advice given in the Creative Pep Talk Podcast

Creative pep talk, hosted by Andy J Miller, has now done over 240 episodes! Give episode 241 a listen here!

To celebrate the 5 year anniversary of Creative Pep Talk, Andy asked all of his listeners what advice they would give themselves 5 years ago, knowing what they know 5 years further in to their careers. Then, he asked them to give advice to their present selves from their future selves 5 years from now. I hope that makes sense…

This episode is packed full of advice from creatives so I summarised their points here!

Advice from present to self 5 years ago

  1. Health and creativity come hand in hand. Look after your body and your creative work will be easier.
  2. Stepping back is ok. Sometimes you need to pause. Listen to your body, and if you decide to pick up something where you left it, that is fine!
  3. Put your imperfections in to your art more and more. Experiences where you weren’t your best – that’s ok to put that out there. Work that feels real, and people connect in a more real way. Creatively fulfilling to be vulnerable. Good exercise to examine oneself. 
  4. Beliefs and fears that hold us back can be far more damaging than what failover can do to us. 
  5. A lot of people look for their thing which they can declare to the world that they have found something they can dedicate themselves to for the rest of their living days. For a lot of people though, they don’t find that thing. Keep searching and generate new engines that generate new joy. It’s ok not to find that one thing. It’s not ok to stop looking with a positive attitude. 
  6. Fuck the Fear – you put the work in, you’ve studied, persevered. And you let one fear stop you. Such a shame. Go for broke. Doesn’t work? Try again. 
  7. Keep making things even when you don’t have a clear direction! 
  8. Help others along the way. 
  9. If things don’t work out immediately, don’t freak out. Remember there is a fire in you, only you have the power to ignite it. Go make art! 
  10. Time is no excuse. You can make time. Híbrido something Stop watching Netflix’s 
  11. You don’t have to be paid to be an artist. You just have to do art
  12. Just start. What are my peers going to think? Just put yourself out there. 
  13. Worried about what your peers are going to think? Don’t worry what others think. worry about making work that doesn’t make them think. Make stuff that stops them and makes them react. Only make stuff. 
  14. Connect the dots. You will see the big picture more quickly. Other people like you. Get FaceTime with other creative people like you. Test your creative boundaries. By talking to others, you are expanding your mindset. Embody the way you want to live and be. 
  15. Limits are in your mind. Break through conventions. Self-limits. Get guests on your show. Guest on other people’s shows today. Don’t worry about being smart enough talking to these people. You can’t get smart enough without talking to these people. 
  16. Spot the difference. Go check out all the people that are your people. Make a list of people that are living the life you want. What do they do? Particular clients? Published book? Clear message? Instagram account? Conferences they go to? Do tho consistently, you will get closer to bridging the gap between where you are and they are. Living their creative dreams. Gather these people. What do they all have in common? Impact, inspire others, live in to the best sense of their creative career. 

5 years in the future

  1. slow down and enjoy everything. Age is not a defining factor of where I’m supposed to be in life. Other people my age, different opportunities, paths. Move present in the now. Don’t fast forward too far ahead. Can lose relationships, connections you can’t see if you’re too busy focussing on the future.
  2. Appreciate today. Appreciate yourself. Look after yourself. 
  3. Start collaborating with others. What is a tree without its branches. Stop procrastinating. 
  4. Enjoy your life as if it was a movie. You’re the lead actor. The show must go on. Whatever happens. 
  5. Keep the pace but Sleep enough. 
  6. Keep faithful with the work that you will be creating
  7. No one is interested. Go ahead and do it anyway. 
  8. All the answers you’re seeking lie in the work. Keep making. Making. Making. 
  9. You know you can do it. You’ve always known. Never going for what you want = route of depression. Just do it. Stop listening to people who aren’t qualified to give you advice. 
  10. Challenge yourself to create your ideas even if they’re out of your control now.
  11. You don’t have to spend your time worrying. You don’t need to worry. You’re going to get to where you’re going to get. There’s nothing wrong with feeling pain, especially in the face of tragedy. But if it’s not a tragedy, don’t generate that pain for yourself. 
  12. Your mandate should be to enjoy yourself while you’re doing it. 
  13. Don’t get comfortable. Take financial risks. Creative risks. Fail on many occasions. Keep raising the stakes. Keep goals high. Those stakes make your life interesting. Keep doing that. They keep your head in the game. You keep growing. If not, you will grow soft, life loses its saltiness when you’re not pushing yourself. So keep working. You choose to put yourself out there. 
  14. Don’t forget the practices that get you in to that frame of mind. 
  15. It’s not about art. Art is what you’re doing but it’s not your purpose. Art is for people. Helping people to remember who they are and why they’re here. Reminding them to say yes.
  16. Life is hard but it doesn’t mean it’s bad. Hard and bad are not the same thing. 
  17. Get in touch with future self.

Try this out! It has been helpful with me to write down advice to past self, and from future self. You feel a bit odd doing it but it does you good. Can’t explain why but it does.

Hope that helps!

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