4 reasons why you should write down your goals, and share them

  1. EFFORT – Writing down your goals require more work than verbal ones. As Dr Robert B. Cialdini (Author of ‘Influence: The psychology of Persuasion.’) , ‘The more effort that goes in to a commitment, the greater is its ability to influence the attitudes of the person who made it.’If you simply tell yourself you will do something, you are highly unlikely to do it. However, if you write down your goals, the simple act of committing them to paper is enough to significantly increase the chance of you following through with your goals.
  2. VISUAL REMINDER – If you constantly see your goals written down, it is a constant reminder to be true to them. You could put the list by your bathroom mirror or somewhere obvious so you always have a visual reminder!
  3. PUBLIC COMMITMENT = PUBLIC PRESSURE – Telling all your friends your goals means you are significantly less likely to change your mind because you will want to be consistent and true to yourself, and have some public pressure from your friends.
  4. SUPPORT – When you tell all your mates that you’ve going to quit smoking, run a marathon or whatever it is, they will (hopefully) support you. As a result, it is well worth telling your friends your goals to ensure you follow through with them!

My Commitments for graphic design.

  1. Post a blog post every day
  2. Create something every day – a sketch or a logo
  3. Post whatever I design/make on Instagra

Hope that helps.

Also, I will do a longer blog post about this book, but I would recommend it hugely. Here is a link below if you’re interested!

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