4 Custom Letter Lessons by James Martin

James Martin is a graphic designer from Southampton who owns BabyGiant Co. James is one of the most diligent graphic designers I’ve come across on Instagram showing his working, explaining his thought process and constantly teaching others on social media.

He is incredible at custom lettering and I would definitely recommend looking through his Instagram for more lessons like the one posted below!

Hope this post of his on Custom lettering will help you as much as it helped me!

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CUSTOM LETTER TUTORIAL. . I think it’s so important to share all the tips and tricks that I have learnt over the years – they have really helped me so I hope they help you too… this is a very simple way of creating bespoke lettering all from the same “skeleton”. . I have use a T for this exercise but the same theory can be applied to any letter once you understand the process. . The best way I can explain it is not to think of letters as letters…. think of them as shapes…. and your mind will open to all the possibilities. . So in the middle I have my simple T skeleton…. from this shape j have created four new type styles. . 1. Rounded sans serif – for this you choose the weight of the letter you want by assigning rectangles to the vertical and horizontal… you then add you same size circles to the ends. . 2. Bold sans serif – this is a super simple way to create any weight of type you like… just make sure your rectangles are consistent in size. . 3. Light serif – I pop lines on each of the ends as these act as my boarder…. I then use the same size circles and place them at the ends… the bigger the circle the bigger the serif.. you then use 1/4 of your circle to create the serif. . 4. Slab serif – get the weight you want and use this through out… on your vertical and horizontal… then use the same weight to the ends and bottom of you letter. . Super simple – super effective . Hope you get as much out of this as I have over the years. . . . . . #logolearn #learnlogodesign #logo #logos #logotips #logotype #logotutorial #logoprocess #logodaily #logogrid #logomaker #logomark #logoinspire #logoinspirations #logodesigns #logodesign #monogram #graphicdesign #logodesigner #logosketch #creativeprocess

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