3 ways to get back on the right path when you’re lost – by Andy J Miller.

Andy J Miller is an illustrator that runs a podcast called the creative pep talk. It is incredibly useful to have a pep talk from someone who has had 10+ years in the design industry who has worked with the likes of Google, Converse and Nickelodeon.

In this podcast, Andy explains that when he feels lost, or creatively stuck, or he’s not feeling excited about what he’s doing, he uses these techniques to get fired up again.

I’ve paraphrased some of what Andy says in this episode so if you have time, I would recommend listening to this whole podcast!

Andy J Miller sharing wise words!
Get motivated!

Are you motivated in a consistent, motivated fashion? If not, have an end goal that fires you to motivate. Why might you not be motivated?

  • Belief in self – if you don’t believe you can, then your not going to put in the time.
  • You don’t actually believe that the goal is worth it. 
  • You don’t believe in your capabilities to reach those goals

How to get motivated?

  • Set SMART goals. These goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. (I’ve written a more in depth blog post about that here: SMART
  • Set a perfect goal. Set a goal that is the perfect balance between things that are beyond us and capable of. Find some closer to home goals. More achievable. Your goals should require you to work hard but not kill yourself. A perfect goal hits that balance. If your goals are overly ambitious, you won’t be fired up by them.
  • Help others with your goal! If you don’t believe in the goodness of that goal, then ask yourself if your gaol ispure ego stroking? If your goal is only that, it doesn’t help anyone else other than yourself. You need to get your goal and then write out why achieving this goal would be great for other people – this goal will have a positive ripple effect. If you know that this goal will help others around you, it will invigorate you.

NB. Write a list of people your goal will affect positively. When you see how many people the achievement of the goal will affect, it will visually represent how important the goal is to be achieved providing motivation!


Follow up with passed opportunities!

When you’re feeling creatively lost, you might not realise it but there are probably plenty of opportunities to follow up with that you haven’t even realised were opportunities.

  • A missed email that you wish you saw.
  • A call you missed that was potentially a client
  • Someone you met at a party that could’ve helped
  • Follow up with that friend who said he would like a logo, website, feature – whatever!

Ask yourself is there anything you have missed that you wish you didn’t?


Reach out for help!

There are certain obstacles on your journey that are difficult to overcome unless you have experience of that obstacle. This might be how to get published in a particular magazine, getting a particular client, being on a particular podcast.

So reach out.

  • Ask yourself what’s the difference between me and the people who have overcome the obstacle already.
  • One of the problems you’ve had is trying to get mentors to help that are too experienced. It sounds counterintuitive but Andy advises asking people to help who have just completed the obstacle you want to achieve.
  • Find people who are a few steps ahead of you. You’ll also be able to help them. Be a sponge!

Hope this helps you as much as it help me!

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