7 Questions every designer should ask their prospective clients!

Recently, friends have been asking for logos and designs, and before doing any designing, I need to work out what their purpose is. If the friend struggles to answer the following questions, then often, it makes it hard to design for them. The more precise this stage is, the more accurately the design can be made for their taste generally.

These are from Michael Johnson’s excellent book called ‘Branding In Five and a Half Steps,’ which I highly recommend. The following questions for friends starting businesses are these:

1)Why are you here? (Core purpose).

Simple statement that sums up the core purpose. Headline eg ‘to inspire the human spirit – one person, one cup, one neighbourhood at a time.’ (Starbucks).

2) What do we do and how do we do it?

Descriptive nuts and bolts. Functional, doing statements eg. Make a variety of drinks particular focussing on coffee, by using the finest ingredients imported from fairtrade farms.

3) What makes you different from your competition?

This helps to position the brand away from competitors and enhance unique properties.

4) Who are you here for?

Target market. (key to brand identity linking with each audience).

5) What do you value the most?

How the brand behaves. Core beliefs. This is highly linked to the following quesiton.

6) What’s your brand personality?

How does the client want to express themselves to the outside world. Tone of voice. How to communicate.

7) What is the ambition?

Long-term aims. What is the goal and then maybe this will be a key element of the logo design

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