3 steps to hand draw a perfect S!

Recently, I’ve been trying to do a lot more hand-letter writing. I want to try and create packaging, and I realised that creating beautiful writing is the foundation of the style of packaging I like! However, I’ve been struggling with drawing the letter S… Until now!

My reaction when I learnt this simple trick to draw the perfect ‘S’

I learnt this on Nick Misani’s Skillshare course. It is insane how useful it is for hand-letter writing and this is one of the tricks he teaches!

Draw 2 circles – one smaller on top, and one larger below. Be careful to have a small gap in between.

Rub out the parts of the circle you don’t need to make an S and then rub out a small section of the quadrants that will link the 2 circles together.

Draw a line between the two to make a smooth S! Depending on how much space you leave between the two circles initially, you may have to draw a longer/shorter line between the two circles. Hope that helps!

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