The 1 video you should watch to make a Fauxsaic!

Nick Misani, a graphic designer, an American hand lettering artist, popularised the term ‘Fauxsaic,’ (‘faux,’ which means false in french, and mosaic, smashed together. It’s basically a very realistic looking mosaic illustrated using Photoshop and Illustrator. Have a look below – they are insanely realistic and beautiful:

I would highly recommend following Nick Misani on Instagram to see these beauties on your feed.

Anyway, after looking in to how to do this online, I found out he draws each individual mosaic piece himself…

Recently, I’ve been making this postcard to send back to my family. They recently asked me if my Spanish is improving so I put ‘PORTUGAL,’ the card, for the absolute mugs.

Spicy card

Anyway, I was about to start making all the tiles myself until I found this very useful video by Spooner Graphics.

The man breaks down how to make a ‘cheat version,’ of the mosaic. It is still time consuming but not nearly as much as Nick Misani’s version.

Will have a crack at this tomorrow!

Hope this video inspires you to try your own.

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