3 reasons why you should start before you’re ready.

I just watched this video with Matthew Encina, the creative director at Blind Design Agency, who explains why you should Start before your ready. It is incredibly inspiring.

Whether that is taking on a job you think you’re under-qualified for, or competing in a competition against strong opposition, you should just go for it. Why?

1)Your comfort zone will grow.

If you never leave the safety of your comfort zone, you’re not pushing yourself. This means that you will never grow your comfort zone. If you’re not growing your comfort zone, you’re not growing as a person!You will become a more creative person.

2) You will become a stronger person

It doesn’t matter if you take the risk and fail – you will grow your experience and be more qualified to succeed the following time you take the same risk. When you have lots of experiences with failure, you become more open to risk and this means you will be more successful in your career!

3) You will be a more creative person.

When you are outside your comfort zone, you will be forced to try new things which may not be too familiar to you. This will make your creative skills grow beyond those skills which you have currently. Become more creative by taking creative risks and getting out your comfort zone.


When you start before ready, you’re thrown out of comfort zone in to fear, doubt, insecurity.

BUT, Push through fear. You will be a smarter, stronger, more creative person out of it.

Remember, anything worth while is always going to make you a little uncomfortable, but when you start before you’re ready, amazing things will happen.

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