8 of my favourite pieces of art by Kelly Anna!

Kelly Anna is one of my favourite artists – her works flows with curved shapes and warm colours. In fact, whenever I’m in a bad mood, I look at her artwork and it calms me down. However, don’t think that Kelly just paints pretty pictures – they are empowering images that particular focus on the human form, celebrating all shapes and sizes.

Kelly Anna is a big name in the art world with Beyonce, Cara Delevingne and many others wearing her printed clothing.

Scroll down to see my top 8 favourite pieces of work by her!

  1. Off Balance

2) Love Yourself. Get over yourself

3) Rambert Dancer


4) Le Sport T-Shirt

The coolest T-shirt ever made?

5) Jayda G Poster

She even loves Jayda G

6) Collab with Hattie Stewart

7) Trouble Vision Poster

8) Plant More

I could have chosen many more but just check out her Instagram if you need more curved figures in your life:


Want to know Kelly’s inspiration for her fluid painting? You guessed it! Latin Dancing. Have a look below.

Lessons learnt

  1. Research Day – Don’t pick up a pen. Don’t start your work that day – soak up as much information as possible before beginning your work. ‘Research the shit out the internet.’
  2. Don’t move on to digital until you’re happy with the body of work done. Sketch, sketch, sketch.
  3. Never Tame Your Game – keep pushing, keep working, never stop challenging yourself!
  4. Make yourself known to the relevant people! Go to conferences and get yourself in front of people you want to meet.

Hope that inspires you to create!

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