5 reasons why Adobe Portfolio is the best portfolio builder for creatives starting out

Adobe set up Adobe Portfolio to allow creatives to set up a simple but beautiful portfolio which is included in the Adobe Creative Cloud package.

Adobe Portfolio Pros

Here is why I recommend using Adobe Portfolio if you are starting out in graphic design

Pros of using Adobe Portfolio

1. Comes with the creative cloud – If you are deciding between a template builder website like Wix, Squarespace or one of the many others, and you already have an Icloud subscription, it is far cheaper to use Adobe Portfolio.

Why spend another £100 on a website if you’re already paying a Creative Cloud subscription which gives you access to a Portfolio builder?

2. Simple – there is no coding necessary and although there are only 8 templates to choose from, it actually makes setting up a site quick and straight forward

3. Easy to use – The Adobe Portfolio site is integrated in to Behance. As it is linked to behance, any changes you make to your Adobe Portfolio are automatically changed in your Behance Profile. Ideal.

4. As many collections as you want – If you are a photographer, for example, and want to set up a clean page for your portfolio, you can upload as many collections as you want. This means you can show specific examples of your different types of photography eg. wedding, wildlife, portraits etc.

5. Lightroom is integrated in to Adobe Portfolio – You can access photos through Lightroom and upload them directly to your website. No hassle.

Yes, there are cons too. There are a very limited number of templates (only 8) even if they are well designed and you cannot integrate e-commerce on to the site, to name just a couple. However if you are starting out AND already have the creative cloud subscription, I strongly believe it’s the best option!

Check out my portfolio here!

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Pros and Cons of Adobe Portfolio

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