5 steps to make saucy bevelled writing

I created this effect manually (and yes, it took hours, but well worth it). I learnt how to do this on a short, sharp and informative Skillshare course by Scott Biersack. I would highly recommend doing it – click here to learn from the hand lettering guru himself!

1. Choose a cool font and write a word. Preferably, choose a thick font which is quite angular. This will make doing the bevelling easier.

2) Create an inline in the centre of the letter using the pen tool

3. Then add the diagonal lines.

4. Then simply click the divide button on the pathfinder panel. After, add whatever colours you would like. Make sure you decide where the light was coming from. I chose to have the light coming from the left so the shadow is on the right side!

5. Simply repeat for all the letters.

It takes a little bit of getting used to but it does create a really amazing, unique font type.

Get creating!

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