6 tips to find next level influences!

Today, I listened to Andy J. Pizza’s simply banging podcast called ‘Creative Pep Talk.’ He is a wise illustrator with some sage advice for creative people at whatever level. If you want to listen to his full podcast about finding next level influences, here it is!

If you don’t have time to listen, here are the key points that I took from the listen!

(Sometimes, Andy rambles a little bit, in an endearing, Andy-way, and there are some key points within each individual point. However, this is what I’ve gathered!)

1.PRIMARY SOURCES. Go out there! A lot of the time, our first place to research for projects is the internet. It’s great isn’t it?! The sum of all human experience at yo\ur finger tips. However, it’s not your primary source that your looking at but someone else’s. So get outside, take some pictures, talk to people in the field your researching and look for original books on the subject at your local library. This will lead to far more creative influences on your work because you will be doing what 99% of other creatives don’t do enough. Collect primary sources and don’t just resort to the internet. 

2. Listen to extreme emotions. Your best work will come from what you viscerally think and feel. It is easy to copy current trends and produce work you think people will like. However, your truest and most bold source of influence will always be your emotions.

3. Bite on other mediums other than your own. Often, looking at completely different mediums can hugely influence your own in ways you couldn’t imagine. Andy creates music playlists that are how he wants his work to feel. Maybe try something like that, and inspiration may strike!

4. Humble yourself and listen to people that know more than you. Andy describes how he reads Pitchfork magazine as someone that likes music. He says he appreciates that Pitchfork magazine knows more about music than he does so he follows their articles. This will also keep your taste fresh and helps him to acquire new tastes. Don’t think you know it all!

5. Openness to experience. Say yes to experiences and try different creative endeavours in your own keep to creative mind. The most creative minds are the ones that are most open to trying new experiences. Who knows – a new exploration or design may lead to a new project. The more you do, the more opportunity and influences will come in to your life!

6. Don’t over rely on your favourite artists/musicians/designers for inspiration. Cross pollinate your influences. This will give you a far wider scope to be inspired to create with AND prevent you from potentially copying your favourite designer!

Hope that helps! GO CREATE STUFF

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