8 Mezcal bottle inspirations!

There are a lot of cliché bottle designs out there perhaps to be more attractive to tourists. However, I find the Mezcal bottle designs that are much more attractive have strayed away from these clichés, and have inventively positioned themselves in a busy market in a variety of ways.

Some are clean designs, with bold fonts, and the use of bold colours sparingly, while others have attempted to look like they have been making and bottling Mezcal the same way for centuries. Either way, here are my favourite 12 Mezcal bottles to provide inspiration for your next label design!

  1. Madre Mezcal

2) Pinche Mezcal

3) Mezcal Amores

4) Creyente Mezcal

5) Punta Real Mezcal

6) Aztecali Mezcal

7) 400 Conenjos Mezcal

8) Eterna Libertad Mezcal

Hope that inspires!

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