Learn to say NO.

Recently, I struggled with the money side of working as a graphic designer. How do you charge for your work? What kind of price scale should you use when you are an unknown graphic designer and just starting out? How do you do work for people in order to get experience for little or no money, but still have another money to pay for rent?

These are all questions I’m dealing with currently, but an important lesson I’ve learnt is when to say NO to doing client work for free or too little money.

When to say NO.

Know your self worth and just say no to clients who try and take advantage of you.

It is totally ok to say no.

Artists often feel guilty when charging for work. But don’t! Don’t feel guilty about charging for your work.

Think every dollar bill you get is a thank you note. Otherwise, they don’t appreciate your work properly.

All you have to do is double your price tomorrow. Don’t even explain it. That is fine, move on with your life.

Don’t sell yourself short.

This is the lesson learnt today!

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