10 of my favourite designs from John Zurowski

John Zurowski is a 26 year old designer from Kentucky and has worked as a freelance designer for 5 years. His designs often include earthy colours, clean vector graphics and beautifully clean mock ups.

I believe he’s a talented designer not just for the intricate designs he makes, but the simple ones too. Often, I find it is harder to make a less intricate logo which clearly represents a brand than an intricate one!

Either way, I hope these 10 designs inspire your next logo design or project:

  1. Dueling Panthers Design

2) Espresso King Coffee

3) Appenzel Cheese and Coffee

Clean, simple and clear – understated elegance.

4) Knives and Co

5) The Ten Gallon Motor Service

Just stop it John. Too good. I’d stop at this service station any day.

6) Enok Coffee

Angular font works well with angular logo.

7) Bird and Bear

8) Pioneer Coffee Co

9) Yellow Wood

10) Old Sailor’s Root Beer

I hope these designs inspire your work as much as it does for me!

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