12 ways to make more money as a graphic designer!

As someone who is starting out in the graphic design world, I don’t exactly have a steady stream of clients coming in. Recently, I have been looking for an internship but I have found that they are either NOT PAID or very badly paid. Good thing you can pay for bills by saying you are doing an internship that might lead to a paying job.

Either way, after doing some research online, here are some useful ways to make money that I have never considered before, and I thought would be worth sharing.

This blog is a mixture of information provided by a couple of greats, Philip VanDusen, and Andy J. Pizza, posted below:

  1. Charge more! It sounds obvious but sometimes, the most obvious things need to be said. You can do 5 jobs at £20 each or do 1 job for £100. This will mean you do a better job and put more effort in to the £100 job which will mean you are more likely to get a client referral and a good review! Obviously, you need clients first before you decide to raise your prices but if you’re already working a lot for various cheap clients, simply double your prices! If you lose clients but charge more, you will still earn the same money.

2) Make digital products. You can sell digital products on sites like Creative Market which will give you a passive income stream. Make a font for example. It is easy and there is a big market.

3) Have a shop for your products on your website – you may have T-shirts that you have made, pens, pencils or whatever. You can repurpose your content and simply put it on products to sell. If your an illustrator, why not make a note book? Andy J pizza has an Etsy shop so he doesn’t need to deal with the postage and packaging himself. Could you do the same?

4) Start a Youtube Channel – teach what you know. By doing this, and if you get enough followers, you will eventually get paid for ads and even (down the line) sponsorship deals! Will Paterson is a great example of this.

5) License your designs to stock houses – There are plenty of stock houses online where you can sell your illustrations. Have a look at this blog post to find the best websites but Adobe Stock is their favourite!

6) Sell photos – Istockphoto, Pexels and Shutterstock are all good places to start having a look. Keen photographer and want some extra cash? Start selling online.

7) Sell at street fairs – There is a street fair in practically every town and city so what are you waiting for? Get on it. They can be extremely profitable if you go to the appropriate fair to your medium.

8) Video coursesSkillshare is a great option to start. You get paid depending on how many people watch your videos but still a great option.

9) Books – Become an expert and you can raise your prices. Position yourself as an expert by writing an e-book or a book and give it away for free or sell it!

10) Create online marketing for opt ins – If you have a blog or a website, you can create an email list and then sell products to your audience. If you create email marketing by using Mailchimp, your email list can actually be really profitable!

11) Create templates and mock ups. – A lot of people don’t have the design or technical skills to create templates and mock ups so they buy them online. Why not make some yourself and sell them on sites like Udemy?

12) Teach a course at school, university or local youth centre. – You may be surprised how many opportunities there are to teach and possibly be paid for it. Call around your local schools, youth centres and universities to see if you can do some teaching to earn some extra money!

Hope all this info helps! Try these out!

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